Wednesday, August 5, 2009


well i had my fingerprints taken yesterday. was kind of cool actually, no ink at all. it's all done electronically then the images appear on the computer monitor. no scuffs no streaks shine last 5 weeks. got to the hiring center and had to wait 15 minutes, not sooo bad since im a bit impatient with certain things. no im not, but really i am. then the old timer calls me and i go in the back. he takes each of my fingers and rolls them to make the imprint, at first the image was smudging and he kept saying relax. well maybe if the senile old thumper, with 3 inch spikey hairs coming from his sniffer wasnt squeezing my fingers together like he was trying to pop open a freshly filled whitehead it would be easier to relax. damn fool!

anyways my phone hasnt been working for 2 days and finally worked last night. i had 2 voicemails from the hiring center asking if i took my drug screen. they sent me an email as well. i told them i wasnt aware of that and wasnt told. so i called them this morning and now i have to go back to phoenix, get the paperwork and go fill a cup of my herbal morning recipe. i kicked the black tar and poppy seed bagels a while so i should be mr clean. start work aug 10th, looking forward to getting back in the workforce.

need to do:
get car registered - finally received certified copy of title in mail
get oil change
get freon for a/c
eventually get a dragon tattoo

Monday, August 3, 2009

arizona heat

triple digit weather, and a blanket of hot air still going strong here in az. it's incredibly hot, not to mention the a/c in my car blows out hotter air than the outside steamroom of hot air. gonna have to get that repaired. also, what's with the photo enforcement cameras and radars on every fuckin light. yeah, uh i dont like it... and to top it off i received a beautiful photograph in the mail, a well done candid face shot of ME ( looking pretty good..haha).. bg, going through a red light and received a 224 dollar ticket for it!!! WOW! well, just got a job and have to get my fingerprints taken tomorrow... like they are going to find something on me, SHIT... i dont get caught!

off to class, just a short post
a little taste to wet your pallet
ill be back.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

arizona fun

seems like a life-time ago when i last blogged. it slips my mind sometimes, but im back again with a vengeance telling my real life stories which touch the hearts of many people, and some just sowing horror and fear in the souls. be warned, this may cause heart palipitations and nauseau... so read at your own risk.

ive been in az now for about 2.5 wks. so, im on the job hunt, blasted resumes all over and have had a few interviews so far. sunshine has been making some fabulous lunches, and made the tofu scramble from spiral (very yummy). makes me not miss spiral so much! went to trader joes yesterday for supplies and purchased some necessities and baking stuff. nearly overflowing her 2 enormous book bags of food and etc.. we only spent 60 bucks. tj rocks and it's so close!

also have been going to my no gi jui jitsu classes 3-4 times a week and am loving it. its an incredible conditioning workout and lots of grappling. i really enjoy choking people out. the downfall, my right big toe was jammed into the mat and started gushing with blood and the nail was half off so i had to sit out half of the class yesterday which was disappointing, but when i returned home i got some hedge clippers and tweezers and extracted the un-dead, deteriorating nail and it looks like i have a gap in my toe that can be filled with water like a small hot tub on a sticky saturday night. may be repulsive to some...ravishing to others..haha maybe not.. i may have to get it removed completely. what a masterpiece!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


ive been absent from this little blog for a while. but i cant ignore the hardcore fans and loyal followers enticing me to blog again. this year has just been flying by, in a good way. well there is a contract on the house and the closing date is june 17th and then we head to phoenix to begin a new chapter. things are coming together. everything is packed and already there, aside for the things we are taking with us on the drive. (it's going to be snug) and its not like i have an enormous trunk, may be able to fit a dwidget in there with short fingers, thats about it. hey you, listen to this... who gives you a tv 4 years ago and then says he wants it back... maybe a crackhead with a passion for pogosticking and blowing up beach balls, or a needle poker injecting between his toes and playing choo choo train on his new track marks, but not a relative.. oh well..! well exactly 2 weeks left. im feeling excited. ive been in texas for 10 years now, a decade. (is that considered a generation?) and i always said i didnt want to spend more than 10 years here, and looks like its working out that way.

restaurants which will be missed:
palermos (not the new psycho staff)
maharaja (minus the anitsocial, expressionless waitress)oh lady i hope you read this!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cross country journey

i just realized it's been 14 days since i last blogged. well, no fear to all my loyal followers...back by popular demand the pasta man is back on the circuit with a vengeance and will leave you with a trail of mishaps, fun, humor and sorrow. last i wrote we were in athens ohio and as im writing this we are now in baltimore, md. so let me take you back a little bit and account for my absence. sit back and enjoy the ride.

after ohio our destination was rhode island (home to the pasta man). stayed at my aunts who lives in narragansett about 2 minutes from the beach. we saw my aunt, grandmother, and my cousin linda the next day. called my aunt and she said she was on her way to grandma's house so we met her there. my grandmother lives in a retirement place for the eldery. navigated to north providence smoothly to her place. parking was a bit of a hassle because it said mostly reserved for residents and didnt see any visitor parking. ended up parking in a residents only, we figured at worse case scenario a confrontation with a 75 year old loud mouth with a walker and dentures was a winning battle for us, so no worries there. bring it on! so all seems well as we enter the building, gain access to the elevator and walk down the narrow corridor like a death row inmate to grannies place, with my aunt in the doorway with a smile ready to greet us with some yogurt. as we entered the apartment there was this insufferable, unbearable smell like no other. foul and unpleasant. there was almost some spontaneous regurgitation. it was like a mixture of body odor, mustiness and no fresh air for 45 years. but the sad thing was once we were in there for 5 minutes it disappeared. i only hope that fresh aroma didnt blend into my natural guinea oil. if you bottled and air sealed a pig's uterus for 30 years then opened it, im guessing it would have a similar aroma. ok go hurl ,next....

we stayed there for a bit, then cousin linda came over and took us to a coffee shop to get some chai. it was a really cool, hip place. after the usual talking and her cell going off every 2 minutes from a text we headed out.

went out with my friend john and we hung out on thayer st and went to the shops a bit before they closed, actually the worker kicked us out, said you need to get out we are closing (excellent display of ri's hospitality) then we ate at a little pizza joint called via via...excellent and delicious! then went to a local college bar and put back some cold ones and talked shop.

also saw my cousin courtney who lives down by the beach. she came to see us at my aunts (her mom's) with her 4 year old, aka.. dylan the wildman. OK... this kid as cute as hell with big blue eyes and has no rules or discipline. he runs around the house like an inmate running the asylum listening to not a soul, but his evil friend damien on his shoulder. he likes to throw his toys up at the ceiling and see them come spiraling down like a skydiver from 20 thousand feet not landing on ground but on human skulls. it kept hitting my aunt in the head and they told him not to do it, but in a sweet voice like you tell your lover thanks for making me cookies! yeah that doesnt work. so no discipline.

went to lizzie bordens b&b and also saw the live performance of lizzie borden, a one woman show. both were excellent. took sunshine to my old stomping grounds, went to the beach and went outside to walk a bit, but the frigid ocean air was freezing our face. so we just walked a bit on the rocks and took some cool pictures.

my cousin shannon who lives in nyc invited us to stay with her, so we took the bus from providence to the port authority, a 3 hour tour with the weather getting rough and then navigated the city and strolled to her apartment. it was a really amazing place, spacious for nyc standards with a 2 bedroom eat in kitchen, living room and 2 full bathrooms. she took us to a mexican joint and a little italian eatery where we shared some amazing pizza. my cousin walks to and from work, to the gym and everywhere else. it was st patty's day when we arrived and during one of our walks with the many irish pubs approaching in the distance an inebriated kid emptied his stomach after i imagine an all day drink fest spewing out vanilla color liquid and chunks from his mouth right in front of his. luckily our incredibly quick reflexes and superhuman broad jump we avoided that christened sidewalk like the ebola virus! ny was awesome!
i think phoenix will be similar to that in the walk friendly aspect.

took sunshine to marchetti's for some calamari a la mama which was good. then had some pasta dishes. they werent bad, but there was enough to feed a poverty stricken family for 6 months. probably like a pound a pasta each and some eggplant, so needless to say we didnt finish it.

then back to ri and we were suppose to go out with my cousin and her friends, but they bailed. back in the day i threw my cousin in the trunk and hit her friend over the head with a prop lead pipe. maybe they were scared! the night before we left ri we went out to my cousins place to visit because dylan wanted to see us and show us his room. its a nice little beach house type place. had some clutter and one room looked like an eight year old on crack had its way with it on a pogo stick and pitchfork, totally messy and barely able to open the door.

so next morning we left bright and early and shocked my aunt and uncle because they thought we would probably leave at noon which was about the time we left the house each day. my aunt cried as we departed saying she will miss us and misses the family in texas. she totally stocked us up with snacks and bottled water.

so the above is a little taste of our journey so far.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

athens ohio

this is our second day in athens ohio. drove 17 hours and spent one night at a best western. having lots of fun here. the houses and the landscape remind me of rhode island. today the weather was a little chilly, but that didnt stop us warriors from venturing out in the wild to take a run around the neighborhood and up an incredibly ridiculous steep hill all layered up with clothing upon clothing, scarf and a hat looking like we were going to rough it in a blizzard in antartica. luckily we found our way back to the lime house with a handfull of pesos, a body full of goosebumps and a smile. vanessa ordered some pizza from avalanche which was excellent. just finished a 50 minute intense non-stop yoga session with none other than the fiery red sunshine leading the way with a pack full of chatarangas and a fistfull of chair poses to top it off. felt like i was doing squats with a log cabin on my back, but my hairy little chicken legs handled it with ease. tomorrow is our last day here and we head toward the biggest little state in the union, otherwise known as rhode island.

Monday, March 2, 2009

bike ride

today was a good day. kind of chilled out at home for a while and just relaxed. we went on our first bike ride today. although it was a little windy and chilly it was a pretty good workout. bundled up with a hat and scarf across my face and neck looking like a wannabe carjacker. etched out a little ride which took 20 minutes and totally burned out my legs. tried to pull some wheelies, but im not riding my old school bmx, checkered pattern, double goose neck team murray x20r from 1989 rocking out to twisted sister on my walkman. so instead i switched gears like i was on a ducati with no helmet beaming into the future with my flux capacitor given to me by the doc. went to the library and checked 2 books to sunshine's 45 books. then had some mexican at cabo grande.

bike ride 20 minutes